Maverick Stables has all the facilities to train intensively with your horse or to enjoy a relaxed ride. There are two indoor riding area's and two riding area's and a stone's throw away is the wooded Rivierduingebied where horse and rider can make a wonderful ride outside.

Outdoor ridingarea's

The riding area at the front
The riding area at the front of Maverick Stables has a size of 20 x 60 meters. This riding area is equipped with an ebb & flood sand bottom. Partly due to the good outdoor lighting, the riding area can also be used throughout the year in the evening. From the balcony of the grand cafe you can follow the activities in the outdoor area.

The riding area in the back

At the rear of the site is another outdoor riding area with dimensions of 20 x 40 meters. This riding area is also equipped with an ebb & flood sand bottom and equipped with good lighting. The outdoor dressage competitions in class B, L and M are held here.

Indoor ridingarea's

Large indoor riding area

The indoor riding area (approx. 30 x 60 meters) is covered according to the Agterberg system and is therefore very stable, compact and resilient. The spray installation ensures the correct, dust-free conditions. A dressage mirror has been placed at two places on the hall wall so that the rider can get a good picture of – the performances of – himself and the horse. Because of its size, this riding area is very suitable for jumping. Jumping materials are also present.

Lunging is not permitted in this indoor riding area. That is possible in the other indoor riding area. From the grand cafe on the first floor there is a good view of the indoor riding area through the large windows. And through the large balcony at the front of this grand cafe you can not only follow all activities in the outdoor area, but you also have a beautiful view over the landscapes of Flevoland.

Small indoor riding area

Behind the large indoor riding area there is another riding area  approx. 20 x 40 meters that is equipped with an ebb & flood of sandy soil. It is possible to lunge in this indoor riding area. There are also spring materials and release spring materials present in this area. This indoor riding area can be used to prepare during competitions.

Lunging circle

Lunging serves many purposes. In addition to the horses training – young – horses, you can lung the horse as recovery training the day after a heavy training or competition or as a quiet start after illness or lameness. In addition, it is a great way to be able to observe your horse (imbalance, irregularities) and to solve any problems in the training of your horse (stiffness, undesirable behavior).

Maverick Stables has a lunge circle with a diameter of 20 meters. In addition, it is possible to lung in the small riding area (20 x 40 meters).


Maverick Stables has a large grand cafe with a horseshoe-shaped bar. For this, the pension stable has a beverage and catering license. The grand cafe is on the first floor and can be reached with both a lift and a staircase. From the grand cafe there is a good view of the inner box through the large windows. The grand cafe has a beautiful, large balcony at the front. Through this balcony you can not only follow all activities in the outdoor area, but you also have a beautiful view over the Flevoland landscape.

The grand cafe is open during events, such as dressage and jumping competitions.

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Behind the large riding hall next to the horsewalker is the small paddock. The small paddock has the dimensions of 10 meters x 16.5 meters. And next to the small indoor riding area is the large paddock. The large Paddock has the dimensions of 17 meters x 13.5 meters. A paddock is a fenced box with sand where your horse can throw loose so that he gets movement when he is alone in the stable. The paddock is also suitable for a horse that is recovering from an injury.


The horsewalker is very suitable for the frequent, versatile and safe training of your horse. It keeps them in shape and promotes endurance, blood circulation and the development of strong muscles. In addition to exercise, it also ensures social contact with other horses. Maverick Stables has a covered 6-horse horsewalker with a diameter of 20 meters. Because the training mill is covered, it offers protection against sun, rain and wind, but it does provide fresh air and sufficient light. It is also nice that the hoof stroke always stays dry. This way you can give your horse movement all year round in a comfortable environment. For safety reasons, the use of the horsewalker must always be discussed in advance with a Maverick Stables employee. It is possible to have your horse placed in the step mill by a Maverick Stables employee. For this we offer a “horsewalker service”. A monthly subscription costs EUR 40 and a single card EUR 3.


Horses are naturally grazers. The gastrointestinal tract is designed to process small amounts of fiber-rich food all day long. The horse moves a lot due to grazing, which has a positive influence on digestion and promotes blood circulation and metabolism. Grazing also stimulates the natural behavior of horses and can help prevent stress.

The horses are put in the pastures and picked up by the staff of Maverick Stables for 5 days during the week (if circumstances permit). It is also possible that the horse owner picks up his / her horse earlier for training, etc. During the weekends, the horses are put in the pasture by the Maverick Stables employees, but the horse owners have to pick up their horses themselves. Horses are social animals and mutual contact with other horses in the pasture is important. Maverick Stables therefore puts together horse groups that can stand together in the pasture.

To utilize the pasture as optimally as possible and to let the soil retain its value, the horses are brought in at the discretion of the Maverick Stables employees. If you want to give your horse more free movement and this is not possible in the meadow due to circumstances it is possible to throw your horse loose in the paddock and under supervision in the small inner box.

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