Stables in the riding hall
The large riding hall has a double row of boxes indoors – a total of 37 – with dimensions of 3.00 x 3.50 meters. The stable is well insulated, so it is nice and cool in the summer and a pleasant temperature in the winter. It is a fresh, spacious, low-dust and light (LED lighting) environment. The horses have contact options.

The 19 stalls on the side of the outside wall have a hatch so that the horses can put their heads outside. There is a separate sensing / treatment box where horses can, for example, be treated by the vet. At the boxes there is also a washing place with hot and cold water, a cleaning place and a solarium.


Regular feeding and good quality food are the basis for good health and optimum condition of the horses. We feed the horses at Maverick Stables as follows:

  • Silage three times a day. 
  • Twice a day cubes (brand: Havens).

Spreading is regularly carried out and the box is emptied once a week. After the horse stables have been cleaned out, the manure is collected the same day and this manure goes to mushroom farms.

The feed and feeding of the horses is included in the price of the livery. If owners want to deviate from the standard – for example other concentrate or use of supplements – then they must take care of this themselves.


The health, welfare and safety of the horses is paramount. The Maverick Stables employees keep a close eye on the horses. In the event of deviant behavior or questions about the health or welfare of the animal, we will immediately contact the owner. If that does not work out unexpectedly, we will call in our own veterinarian (at the expense of the owner) if necessary.

We expect the owners of the horses to keep a good record of the periodic inoculations of their horse (s).

Worming of the horses  at Maverick Stables is done by the regular Maverick Stables veterinarian on the basis of regular dung ball tests. The costs of the worming are for the owner of the horse.


Maverick Stables works with a permanent veterinarian – a recognized horse doctor – who is located in the immediate vicinity of the stables. It is also possible to call in your own veterinarian. This does not apply to worming. Our regular veterinarian worms the horses and ponies on the basis of regular manure ball tests. The costs of this are at the expense of the owner of the horse.


We work with a regular blacksmith who visits us twice a month at set times. If you want to make use of this, you can indicate this in advance at Hoefsmederij Bart Buurkes. If you wish, you can also use your own farrier.

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